City of Sodaville, Oregon

Water Restriction

Water Restriction Notice

Effective Immediately!


The City of Sodaville Water Utility and the

City of Sodaville City Council are placing

Water Restrictions on outside watering.

Water Restriction Rates will apply to bills as of

10/01/2018 but enforcement will start as of 09/25/2018.

No outside water use includes:

  • No watering of lawns.
  • No sprinklers or underground drip systems.
  • No filling of swimming pools.
  • No washing of cars, decks, buildings, sidewalks etc.
  • Watering of gardens will not be restricted

Due to this years lack of adequate rainfall and continued hot and dry

conditions the City’s wells are at extremely low conditions and the rate of

customer usage is greater than the City’s water production.

The City’s priority is to supply all of its residents with water for bathing,

cooking and drinking during this restriction, and to reduce water usage

to winter months’ averages until the rainy season begins again and refills

the aquifers.

All other water conservation will be greatly appreciated.

If you have any water concerns or problems please let us know by calling
Public Works Director Stan Smith at 541-401-8537

or City Administrator Judy Smith at City Hall 541-258-8882.

This is a NO TOLERANCE ORDER. City Resolution #03-01 in

accordance with Ordinance #15-02 allows the City of Sodaville

Water Utility to impose a penalty for unauthorized use. This penalty

is $500.00 per offence plus water used and will be enforced.

Phone & Fax: 541-258-8882

City Hall Hours: 10:00 am-2:00 pm Mon-Thurs
“The City of Sodaville is an equal opportunity provider and employer”


October 18, 2018 7:00 PM

Candidates for the

Sodaville City Council

2018 General Election

(November 06, 2018)

Mayor Suzie Hibbert and Council President Roger Perry are seeking reelection on the November 6, 2018 General Election Day. Councilor Ray Jackman has not submitted his name for the ballot but has chosen to leave it up to the voters to reelect him with write-in votes once again. These positions will be voted on in the November 06, 2018 General Election. 

If you receive a letter from 

Service Line Warranty Program, administered by Utility Service Partners, 

please be aware that this

is not endorsed

by the City of Sodaville nor does the City have any future plans of working with the Company.

Future Soda Springs Community Center Park

The City has received a new Oregon Parks and

Recreation Grant in the amount of $225,000 to improve

the Soda Springs Community Center Park. The plans

include a children’s play area, a restroom with running

water and electricity, a paved parking area, a patio for

barbequing, picnic tables and benches, horseshoe pits and

landscaping. If you are interested in helping plan this park,

please contact City Hall. The Citizen’s Planning Committee

needs more members. Also, you can email City Hall with

any suggestions or ideas at Sodaville@cityofsodaville.org


    SODA SPRINGS COMMUNITY CENTER PARK AWAITING DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION WITH OREGON PARKS AND RECREATION GRANT OF $225,000. Call City Hall to join the Citizen Planning Committee to help plan the project! (Photos by Chris Allen of Alien Drone Services)

Badges from the late

1800's, early 1900's

stolen from City Hall
Original Spring House Circa 1911